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Our airline, Air Namibia, is our national pride. It links our nation internationally and contributes to our export and import of goods. 

It further ensures that our tourism industry is booming thereby creating and ensuring employment to so many Namibians. 

So many Namibians who could never make use of airline travel made use of our airline. The airline, because of its domestic flights, have also reduced the pressure on our roads. 

Very recent two optimistic politicians have been calling for the closure of our pride. The only reason they are putting forth for the airlines closure is the amount of money pumped into keeping the airline flying. 

These politicians and so many other unpatriotic citizens have no plan in place when our airline is shut down and over a 1000 employees will loose their jobs. Its better for them to increase unemployment, and so increase the pressure on the state. 

By signing the petition we as a pride nation will say #HandsOffAirNamibia. We will instruct our Government and the President to redirect their focus on how our airline is managed. Those who are employed to manage the airline must be held accountable. 

Dont lower our flag, dont close our pride.             #HandsOffAirNamibia