Haddon Heights Bicycle Rack Petition

Haddon Heights Bicycle Rack Petition

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Why this petition matters

Started by Tracey Miller

Haddon Heights is a biking town, no two ways about it. Children, teens, and adults can be seen riding all along the avenue and throughout our beautiful town and it's a lovely sight! What's not lovely? Having nowhere to park one's bike! I'm sure you've climbed over a few kids bikes attempting to patronize your favorite Station Avenue business or down by the baseball fields. And if you've needed to lock your bike up to spend more time shopping, that likely hasn't been easy either.  Or maybe you've seen some of our senior citizens struggling to maneuver around piles of kids bikes? 

It is time for a change Haddon Heights. Let's work together to create a true bike friendly town and get those much needed bicycle racks installed! 

This issue has been discussed in a few circles over the years but there has been no formal petition from our community. Your voice is needed to begin the daunting process of raising funds, applying for permits and achieving the final goal.

Are you willing to sign the petition asking for bicycle racks to be installed throughout our town? Are you able to donate money or help raise funds to pay for this very expensive project? Can you help spread the word?

Installing public bicycle racks will allow more cyclists to be accommodated, safer walkways for all citizens, encourage healthy biking habits for our children, and increase business on the avenue. 

Will you help?


67 have signed. Let’s get to 100!