Call for Special Meeting of the Board re: Remote Learning

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Call for Special Meeting of the Board re: Remote Learning

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Started by Michael Engel

Dr. Barry Galasso and the Haddon Heights Board of Education have recently called for remote learning for a period of two weeks. Students are required to log on for the same hours as normal, in-person learning. Neither decision seems to be based on relevant governing data regarding the physical and mental well being of the student body and community they serve and as such the residents of Haddon Heights are calling on the Board President, Mr. David Clapper, to call for an immediate Special Meeting of the Board to address the concerns and questions of the community at large. 

Current CDC guidelines are only calling for 5 days of isolation without symptoms for vaccinated individuals who contract Covid and are not requiring quarantine at all for vaccinated individuals who experience close contact so long as they are not experiencing symptoms. Remote Learning - as we have experienced - places a unique burden on the mental well being of our children and should only be implemented in extreme cases. The recent surge in Covid is not the same as it was in March of 2020, Vaccinated individuals are experienced much milder symptoms and lower hospitalization rates are documented. 

Also, if remote instruction is necessary it should be scaled back to meet the educational needs of the core subject areas. If staffing is a concern them personnel rested to subjects outside of core subjects should be reallocated to Procter students so that they can remain in-person. 

Now is the time for creative solutions that place the Social-Emotional needs of the student body - our own children - at the forefront of the decision making process. Haddon Heights School District can do better. The community of Haddon Heights should hold them to the standards that our amazing kids deserve!

Please consider signing the petition to ask that the Board heat our concerns. 

All the best to all of you!

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!