No mobile phone mast near primary schools

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This petition is calling for Hackney Council to block plans to upgrade the 4G mast to 5G on Lister Court in Stoke Newington. The mast, owned by o2 and Vodafone, is located less than 100m from Grazebrook Primary School with one antenna directly tilted down at our children’s playground! This mast will soon be upgraded with 5G antennas. The shocking fact is that no health assessment has been done before the 5G rollout!  Scientists are referring to the roll-out as a “Human experiment”. The consequences of these radiations on our health, especially children’s, will only be known years, if not decades, from now. 

Despite all the warnings from an increasingly high number of scientists and international research bodies, the council has recently granted Telefonica (aka 02) a planning permit to install TWELVE 5G antennas and FOUR dishes on Barrie House situated on Albion Road and in close proximity of the Stoke Newington School and Sixth form.  Lister Court, where the mast we are referring to is located, will be next to be upgraded with this untested technology.

As parents and residents we have a responsibility to try to stop these irresponsible plans by pushing the council and 02/Vodafone to apply precautionary measures and not to allow any mobile phone masts near our primary school. We are calling for the council to block any upgrade and push this mast further away. 

What is the status of the latest independent scientific studies? It is now known that Mobile masts (5G or others)  expose people living and working in proximity to level of radiation that are potentially hazardous for their long term health. Not too long ago it was believed that only ionizing radiations were harmful and non ionizing radiations were safe but recent findings are putting this belief in question. Studies are starting to show that DNA damage and oxidative stress leading to severe health conditions can also be caused by long term exposure to non-ionizing radiations. (Dr Goldberg testimony  to Michigan Senate ) This has led the WHO to classify these radiations as “possibly carcinogenic” and to admit that there are still many gaps in the current research to fully understand the potential risks especially when it comes to children. In 2018, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority concluded that “there is need for more research covering the novel frequency domains, used for 5G.” Following additional peer reviews showing adverse effects, The WHO is now under mounting pressure to increase the classification to “Probably Carcinogenic”.  Even defendants of this technology ( mainly lobbies and governments admit that we just don’t know the health consequences in the long term and more research have become  a priority) What we do know for sure is that if these radiations (EMF) are indeed harmful, Children will be the first victims of our carelessness.  Children are particularly at risks because of their size, thin skull, underdeveloped immune system and rapid cell development but also their life-long exposure and the accumulative effects of these radiations on their organism. A child absorbs EMF radiations twice as much as an adult.

In April 2019, a 5G mobile phone mast was removed after four children and 3 teachers were diagnosed with cancer at Weston Elementary School in Ripon, California.

In April 2019, the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said EMF radiation was a high priority for further study. Scientists at the Swiss IT’IS institute also advised that the ICNIRP guidelines should be reviewed urgently. These guidelines are increasingly considered obsolete and not fit for purposes. This is also the stand of  numerous scientists and searchers who have been voicing their concerns via the prestigious and world renowned scientific publications The Lancet

In addition, 253 scientists (and counting) have recently  signed the 5G Appeal ( )recommending a “moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G… until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated.”

In a few years, studies such as COSMOS ( should give us a clearer picture of the health implications of 5G. 

Until then, precautionary measures are a must! Several European countries (Belgium, Sweden, and Switzerland) have stopped the 5G roll out because of these unknown factors. Others like Israel, India and Chile are forbidding the installation of masts near “sensitive places” such as schools and hospitals.

It is astonishing that the levels of public exposure to EMF have never been properly surveyed. Italy, Belgium, India and cities such as Paris have adopted lower limits for all EMF radiations on precautionary grounds. Unfortunately our government  isn’t following the same path and seems only interested in making the UK one of the leading countries when it comes to the 5G and the connected economy whilst pushing aside any health concerns and discrediting any warning signs.

We need to let the council know that Hackney school children are not guinea pigs. Their health should come before business interests. Help us stop these irresponsible plans by signing this petition. Every signature will count.

 We need you!

Concerned Hackney Parents