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Impose mandatory use of leashes and muzzles for dogs in public spaces and introduce fines

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  • Due to the overwhelming number of cases each year of babies, children and adults being attacked by dogs and as a result of irresponsible dog owners' behaviour, especially in open public spaces such as parks, recreation grounds, streets etc. it has to become mandatory that dogs are being led on a leash by their owners and have a muzzle. This should be mandatory for dogs of average and big size and breeds proven to be problematic in cases of mauling and causing serious injuries and deaths. For the sake of safety and protecting both children and adults, it is time this is made a law and heavy fines imposed for irresponsible dog owners who do not adhere to the rule as well as bans introduced from any public space they show disregard for the safety of the public. I have created this petition driven by a few personal situations (a rottweiler charged towards my 8 month daughter when we were having a peaceful stroll in the park and his dog owner was known to the community for walking the dog without a leash, a number of cases of dogs running after the pushchair whose owners have confirmed their dog "does not like wheels or buggies" as well as my son almost getting bitten from behind his back by a doberman) as well as led by the multiple cases of babies and children being mauled and attacked by dogs, many of which with a tragic end. A dog owner myself, I find it absolutely irresponsible and reckless if any other dog owner shows disregard for the safety of the public and being careless if their dog could disturb, scare or attack another person. 


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