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Mabley Green in Hackney is currently a boring but quite large patch of grass. We received £100,000 (held by the council) to improve it and we want the money to be spent on creating the world's largest edible park full of fruit and nut trees, herbs and shrubs for all to enjoy. The planning decisons are being made over the next few weeks so please help us right now.

We have a lot of social deprivation around here and some of the highest childhood obesity rates in England. We can really make a difference but we will need that money to be spent on outreach and community work (and a few trees too of course).

By signing this petition, you will help us show the council that we are serious about this project, that it has widespread public backing and that they should spend the money on this idea (involving trees and community outreach) and not on bigger car parks or something of that nature!

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Letter to
Head of Parks Ian Holland
Parks Officer Sam Parry
Hackney cabinet member responsible for Parks Jonathan McShane (Cllr)
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Mayor of Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe
Help us create the world's largest edible park right here in Hackney!

Let Hackney be world-renowned for its parks and its forward thinking support of edible growing in London.

Right now the world's largest edible park is about 5 football pitches large and it is in Seattle. We can beat that and we can do it here on Mabley Green.

We have the social need, we have the money (£100,000 of money from Regeneration funds), we have the space (about 10 football pitches in size) and we have the passion. The question is do you have the vision?

Releasing that money to this strongly supported local scheme will not only buy the trees, it will buy the outreach helping turn round the lives and health prospects of countless kids and adults.

Right now the council is putting together a planning application which will include some edible planting. We urge you to be bold and brilliant and make this a world class edible park for all to enjoy.

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