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Hackney Council: Introduce Landlord Licensing

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Not all landlords of rented homes are good landlords. Some are really bad. Other London boroughs have found that requiring landlords to obtain a licence drives up standards.

Sign this petition to show Hackney Council it has the support it needs to introduce comprehensive landlord licensing.

"We, the undersigned, call on Hackney Council to introduce Landlord Licensing and to use the powers that licensing allows to improve the living conditions of tenants in sub-standard homes."


1. What is landlord licensing?

It is a system of licensing under which owners of rented property are required to obtain a licence from their local authority tor every property they own in that borough.

2 Why is it necessary?

While there are very many decent landlords in Hackney, there are also some *rogue landlords' who mistreat tenants in all sorts of ways: through illegal evictions, failing to do repairs, cutting off heating and even water, harassment and even physical threats. Licensing will help the council identify and penalise these "rogue landlords".

3. Won't it also penalise the decent landlords?
Although they will have to pay for the licence, they will benefit from the fact that the rogue landlords, who bring the whole private rented sector into disrepute, will be identified and dealt with. Licensing can also help landlords with troublesome tenants and in other ways.

4. Isn't there already a government scheme for licensing?
Yes. but it is very limited in scope. Only just over 200 properties in Hackney are licensed under the mandatory scheme, introduced a decade ago.

5. How will signing a petition help?
In order to get a wider scheme approved by the government. Hackney Council will have to show that it has sought the views of local residents and landlords and that there is a need. A petition with thousands of signatures will encourage Hackney to make that application.

6. Will licensing really help?
The London Borough of Newham introduced a scheme in 2013 and is seeking to have it renewed. This is what they say: "We have seen many benefits....It has allowed us to find and prosecute criminal landlords who exploit tenants and undermine responsible landlords...we have seen a reduction in anti-social behaviour and an improvement in housing conditions"



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