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Direct Pediatric Access Human rights!!!!--CURAZAO

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Visiting the Island of Curacao for a period ...I asked where I could take my daughter for a pending vaccine and the response was (Main Saint Elizabeth Hospital)(one and only) "put them in your country of origin".... Not only is it a hustle to obtain a basic shot of Influenza or Reinforcement of Hepatitis A ...but upon 3 days arrival my daughter caught a Croup Caugh..and the local Doctor said they dont do Vaccines in Holland like Influenza../So if I needed one I had to come back only by suscription of a Gral doctor( to start again a viacrusis to bourocracy of health to 2 doctors to end up in the same "Hospital emergency" to finally have a vaccine after huge amounts of money in taxi and vaccines ---over prized--). This is really seriously a problem. Only 3% of doctors are dedicated to PEDIATRIC ASSISTANCE!. As result the population of Curacao mainly elderly and (children left behind by fleeding family) left behind to the expense of bad quality health assisstance if any. This pleed is for the children and the elder in Curacao. Pediatrician assistance HAS TO BE taken into serious budget government agenda. Health for Children and 3rd age should be direct, accesible, payable. CURAZAO CHILDREN NEED URGENTLY: Pediatricians with expertise required (despiste their cultural background.).."many Venezuelans are not being considered as higly trained experts to come work here even when having impressive credentials"(a local disagreed) We need to help the kids of Curacao the children from Curazao the sons and daughters of a melting pot of all of all of us. Children!!!  They deserve respect for their human right:  DIRECT pediatric access!

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