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Refund our Tax Preparation Fees

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On January 24, 2013 I went to the H & R Block office in Princeton, IN, where I have been going since I started getting my taxes done. I paid over $200 for H&R Block to prep and file my taxes. I was told because I was filing for the education credit (8863) that my taxes would not be accepted until February 14th. On Feb. 15th the IRS's said my refund has been accepted and I should receive it within 21 days. Well 21 days came and went and there were no other updates, except saying, “Still processing”.

I was beginning to wonder if I did something wrong or if I was being audited. I started searching online and posted something on Facebook. The next a friend told me to check H & R Block’s Facebook page where I saw that tons of people were having the same problems. I was shocked to discover that H & R Block had posted a statement on their Facebook page but done little else. They had my phone number and email address and should have contacted us weeks ago to inform us that there was an issue, but instead they decided to use Facebook to inform us. Luckily I use Facebook frequently, but what about people do dont? They may still have no idea that there is an issue with their taxes.

After calling the IRS I now know it could be another 4 to 6 weeks before I see my tax check. To make matters worse when we filed our taxes with H&R Block in January, they offered us a Emerald Advance. This was meant to be an advance on our tax return and we were told we wouldn’t be charged any extra interest until our return came through. However, I received a bill from H & R Block a week ago and I was indeed charged interest because my loan has not been paid off yet, even though it was their fault that my taxes haven’t been done yet! Charges are piling up and I desperately need my return in order to catch up on bills and buy clothes for my two year old daughter.

H&R Block’s logo is “We Do the Right Thing”. That is why I am calling on H&R Block to “do the right thing” and refund our tax preparation fees. According to reports and statements from the IRS over 600,000 people have been affected by this mistake. I understand that mistakes happen but I dont think H&R has owned up to their mistake. They need to refund my tax preparation fees and stop charging me interest in my Emerald Advance.

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