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H & R Block: Refund our tax preparation fees and a memo of apology.

Because people are in need of their money, we have been misled into believing that we would get "peace of mind" when we're left to fix the problem ourselves.

H&R Block Corporate Office Headquarters HQ in the USA:
One H&R Block Way
 Kansas City, MO 64105
Corporate Phone Number: 1-816-854-3000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-816-753-5346
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Letter to
H&R Block Mr. Cobb (CEO)
Corporate Office H&R Block Corporate Office Headquarters HQ in the USA
We are writing to bring to your attention a serious issue we have with your software and customer support team for the past month. We either paid for your company to prepare our tax return for 2012, use the online service, or we ordered a software to do our own taxes. Please be advised that we were not notified of plenty of things but the main two things are about 1)the delay in education credits and/or other credits form and 2) an outdated software that needed to be upgraded in order for the process of our tax return to go through without any errors. Halfway through the tax season we are told, we are under review, in suspense, or a letter will be sent out and that we must wait an additional 30-60 days on top of the estimated timeframe of 21 days. This is due to a "glitch" which flags each return as incomplete in the system. We feel like the system should've been tested before the tax season started.

IRS is blaming H&R Block for the problem and vice versa. This problem is causing many tax payers to not have their refund in a timely matter.

I am a regular tax payer who work hard for my money, and I have never had any problems with filing my tax whether on my own or with a professional in the past. While I am relatively certain this was a fluke, We are still concerned about how H&R Block didn't pick up on this matter within the first two weeks of this occurrence? You (H&R Block) may not have been aware of the delay until the first two days of tax season, but a memo should've been sent out to ALL clients who needed to fill out the form at the time of filing. We would like to know how this might have happened and what you plan on doing about it.

I am also concerned with the lack of understanding some of your clients received from the staff members who helped them. I don't know if he/she was working alone or merely misunderstood their request, but some of your representatives either refused to assist the client (by not answering the question at hand on Facebook, or simply being very rude and disrespectful by hanging up the phone) which result in the client not being satisfied. In addition, many clients wanted to speak with a supervisor and were unsuccessful in getting in touch with them. This resulted in being transferred to the IRS or the "Customer Service Escalation Team " (in most cases). Also many clients were told that the Customer Service Escalation Team would call within 24-48 hours (it never happened). I felt H&R Block acted very unprofessionally.

As a result, WE WOULD LIKE A REFUND (in full) and a memo of apology not from the representatives but from the CEO/president of H&R Block for allowing this to happen for so long. In addition, can we get some correspondence through facebook? Since this is the main way to reach out to H&R Block. Scott, Kevin, nor Jenna answers our questions/comments anymore and many people has been blocked from your page. These are many reasons why people will not consider your company next year.

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