Support Cambodian Garment Workers in their Fight for Fair Wages! $177 NOW!

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Support Cambodian Garment Workers in their Fight for Fair Wages! $177 NOW!

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Workers United Canada Council started this petition to Adidas and

We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with Cambodian garment workers and unions in their demand for an immediate increase to their minimum wage to $177(USD) a month.

We demand that companies such as H&M, The Gap, Adidas, Walmart, Puma, Levi’s, C&A, and Zara pressure their factory suppliers in Cambodia to respect workers’ rights and make immediate meaningful improvements to working conditions.

Cambodian garment workers are forced to work for poverty-level wages while the companies they manufacture for make billions of dollars in profits. Four major brands, H&M, GAP, Walmart, and Adidas, for example, had combined revenues of roughly $608 billion in 2012, an amount almost 43 times Cambodia’s entire GDP.

The legal minimum wage for garment workers is a miserable $100 per month. Thousands of workers have fainted at their sewing machines due to malnutrition, overwork, heat, poor ventilation, and fumes from chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Earlier this year, when over 200,000 Cambodian workers stood up to demand a fairer wage, authorities shot four workers dead in the streets and threw 23 union activists in jail. Consumers don’t want clothes tainted with exploitation and repression!

We therefore support Cambodian union calls for the following:

1. Negotiate directly with Cambodian unions over wages;

2. Mandate an increased base wage of $177 per month at their supplier factories;

3. Reflect this increase in prices paid to the suppliers;

4. Make a long-term commitment to sourcing from supplier factories in Cambodia that agree to these conditions and respect labour rights.

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This petition had 123 supporters

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