H&M Europe to Remove Racist Top Image from Catalog!

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We are demanding that H & M Europe remove their racist ad and apologize for latent and blatant racism and divide!

Did H&M ignore Target and Dove along with a montage of other companies that sparked International outrage for what could be perceived as racism?

In a H&M catalog that is suppose to be for shoppers perusal, an advertisemt for a green hooded top caught the eye of many consumers.

Comments ranged from “how dare they” to “they knew what they were doing” began to paint the internet and rightfully so.

In the ad, a handsome little African. American boy was posed in a top that said “ Coolest Monkey in all the Jungle... excuse me?

Did the Marketing team forget that Blacks were called monkeys and apes- why on Earth would they slap that on this young man?

We’re not saying that a child of another race should be in it, we are saying can the concept all together!

H&M, we are demanding an apology and possibly a Culture Diversity training so hurt or offended feelings will not come back up.