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Progressive No-Kill Animal Shelter and Services Critically Needed in Middlesex County NJ

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This petition is to urge Middlesex County NJ Freeholders and the MCIA to establish a County Animal Shelter operated with the humane, proven policies outlined below, which will serve to Protect the Public Health of Middlesex County Residents and Taxpayers while Effectively Reducing Animal Overpopulation and Shelter Overcrowding in a Cost-Effective way. 

Do you know that humane overpopulation solutions such as TNVR were presented 12 years ago in the NJ Governor’s Animal Welfare Task Force Report, but were never implemented in Middlesex County?  This is one reason there is now no appreciable advancement in animal welfare policy or overpopulation control in Middlesex County.  Middlesex County is long overdue for its own properly operated no-kill shelter and deserves to take the lead in progressive, cost-effective humane animal control policies and services.  There are proven ways for MC to do this:  Implement the best practices of other NJ Counties that have made headway with these issues AND adopt leadership and shelter standards that are the hallmark of successful initiatives from nationally recognized, respected authorities such as the No-Kill Advocacy Center and Best Friends Animal Society, as outlined below

  1. Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR) is the best solution for reducing populations of unaltered, unvaccinated community/feral cats of which there are thousands in Middlesex County.  Implementation of countywide TNVR will result in:  (A) Reduced nuisance complaints and improved public health when community/feral cats are vaccinated against Rabies and neutered;  (B) Reduction of community/feral cat population (fewer litters born and colony reduces through attrition);  (C) Improved quality of life and health for community/feral cats; (D) Caretaker training re proper feeding and colony management; (E) Reduced shelter admissions and (F) Lower euthanasia rates (to be considered No-Kill, a shelter must save at least 90% of the animals it takes in under the NKAC/BFAS standard).  These Policies = Cost Savings for Animal Control.
  2. Provide High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter or provide access/subsidies to such services; Work with Rescue Groups so animals can be transferred out of the shelter; develop a Foster Care network;  Implement Comprehensive Adoption Programs, including off-site adoptions.
  3. Implement Pet Retention and Pro-Active Redemption Programs to manage shelter admissions and prevent lost animals from languishing in the system; Provide Preventive & Rehabilitative Medical and Behavioral care and PRMB Programs; Promote Public Relations and Community Involvement; Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers.
  4. Provide Leadership and Public Health Advocacy through the appointment of a compassionate knowledgeable Middlesex County Shelter Director accountable to a local Animal Welfare Advisory Board, which would include members of local animal rescue organizations. This Director must advocate on behalf of all animals, including Middlesex County’s extensive community/feral cat population, to ensure these effective cost-saving, humane Animal Welfare practices are instituted.  

Middlesex County NJ Deserves a Humane, Modern, and Innovative Animal Shelter NOW that will operate under These Standards!  

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