Children in HASD Deserve Better - Stop Superintendent Fred Foster's Proposed Changes!

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Parents of children within the Huntingdon Area School District (HASD) are facing a very uncertain future for our children's education. The majority of the HASD School Board are not keeping our children's best interests in mind as they continue to be persuaded by Fred Foster's ideas about curriculum and school closures.

We, as a community, expect the Huntingdon Area School Board to stop supporting this path into uncharted educational territory that Mr. Fred Foster is promoting fast and furiously. The Board members are making decisions based on data and other propaganda that he is supplying. This needs to stop, NOW. As our elected officials, our School Board needs to start asking Mr. Foster some tough questions, such as why have nearly 200 employees have left our school district under his supervision.

MCL (Mass Customized Learning) and the subsequent closing of Southside Elementary School are areas that need much more consideration. We are not in the position to be pioneers in education when we cannot even keep teachers employed for more than a year or two. Perhaps some of our financial issues could be traced back to our exceptionally high staff turnover rate - but yet the Board does not demand answers about this???

By signing this petition, you are telling the Huntingdon Area School Board that you want more research and accountability before these changes occur. Our children need to be taught for a FULL DAY by TEACHERS and not technology in our existing school buildings.


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