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Work to reverse ruling in future; order agencies of government, including armed forces, not to violate the human rights of peo

The first step in legitimizing discrimination and promoting attacks against people is to declare that the state has no obligation to protect them -- that's what the Dominican Republic did to Haitian-Dominicans when the Supreme Court on September 23, 2013 stripped citizenship from Dominicans born of Haitian descent; even those born DECADES ago! One day they were citizens then suddenly they were not. Essentially this was the state's way of legalizing attacks against Black Dominicans. It's very DANGEROUS for a State to promote hostility towards a segment of the population. It's no more different from, and may have been inspired by Apartheid, which was how the regime in South Africa once legitimized attacks against its Black citizens. Haitians are already abused in the Dominican Republic; sign this petition asking President Danilo Medina Sanchez, of the Dominican Republic to: condemn the Supreme Court's ruling; to do whatever is possible to ensure that it's reversed in the future; and, to order all agencies of government, including the police forces, and armed forces, not to violate the human rights of people born of Haitian heritage. Dominicans here in the U.S. knows what it means to be discriminated against. Support this petition for RESTORING the human rights and citizenship of Dominicans of Haitian descent. The world must not tolerate such shameful discrimination.




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  • H.E. President Medina Sanchez, Dominican Republic. Ave. México, Gazcue, 
Distrito Nacional
Santo Domingo,
República Dominicana

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