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I've been quite disappointed by H-E-B's lack of sensitivity toward traditional family values. When I enter a checkout lane with my young children (who can read), I should not have to worry about them reading provocative magazine subtitles, such as "Epic Sex! Get it, Give it, & Do It Again!", "Bad Girl Sex", "Sex Positions for Hot Couples", etc. Yes, this is an aspect of life, but parents should be able to determine not only at which point in time their child is exposed to such subject matter but also the framing/setting of how it is presented.

Since many families frequent the grocery store weekly or bi-weekly, this is a constant feed of terms that will undoubtedly prematurely peak their interests, which will only contribute to the downward spiral in the morality of youth. I already have a duty to monitor what my children watch on TV and do on the computer, but why can I not do something as simple as pay for food at H-E-B without filth being introduced to my children?

I urge H-E-B to provide at least one family-friendly checkout aisle in each of their stores since "paying" is a requirement for all customers. Surely the customers accompanied by children matter; don't we?

Letter to
Customer Relations Department H-E-B
Please create at least one family-friendly checkout aisle at each of your H-E-B stores. All customers are required to utilize checkout aisles to pay, so it is unfair that parents are forced to expose their children to sexual messages that are frequently found in bold letters on many magazine covers. Parents who shop at H-E-B should reserve the right to choose when such content is introduced to their children. It would be a wonderful gesture for H-E-B to support traditional family values by creating a family-friendly checkout aisle.

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