Petition to Allow both the Grads Handprints and the Leadership Recognition Assembly.

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To the principal of HB Beal Secondary School

We are writing this letter in order to petition against the prevention of both the leadership recognition assembly and the yearly grad handprint tradition in HB Beal Secondary School. We here at Beal have, for Generations, been recognising the students who have poured their heart and soul to build H.B Beal's student body's community. With respect to your work and efforts to make our school a better place for learning. We, as students, are firmly against your decisions of preventing the yearly assembly that recognises our peers who have been working to make our school a better place. Among our fellow students, there are a lot of our peers who have been working extremely hard this year and deserve the recognition for their efforts.

As for the almost 20-year-old grad handprint tradition, many of this year's graduating class and I are incredibly disappointed to hear that you have gone against our culture. For nearly 20 years, the graduation class have been embraced to leave a mark in what once was their home. On those walls, there are handprints of people who have been successful in their lives and have made a difference in this world. This tradition not only symbolises the end of a student's Journey at Beal but also it signifies their what once was their presence at the school. We hope that you hear our frustration with your decisions and take the time to reconsider them. We kindly thank you for your time and efforts that you put in to make our school a safe environment for all students.