GWR to continue supporting the Easit Network travel discounts for a greener future

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Jenna Grabey
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Easit have informed their customers that Great Western Railway (GWR) will no longer support the easit Network from March 2020. In the letter easit wrote to their customers, easit said that they are disappointed by GWR’s actions and encourage their customers to complain to GWR.  

What this means for those currently using GWR with an easit card:

These people will no longer receive a 15% discount on their rail fare, which for a lot of people they can only afford their commute with this 15% discount. In some cases this discount reduces an annual ticket by up to £655. To give some examples:

Reading - Oxford annual ticket = £2,944, 15% discount = £441.60

Maidenhead - Oxford annual ticket = £3,656, 15% discount = 548.40

Farnborough North - Oxford annual ticket = £4,372, 15% discount = £655.80

If GWR pull out of this scheme this means for some people it will be cheaper for them to drive to work. Therefore there will be more cars on the road leading to more traffic, pollution and fossil fuel consumption. In this time of a climate emergency the greener ways to travel to be encouraged not discouraged. By GWR stopping their support of the easit Network they are actively pushing people to add to pollution levels and fossil fuel consumption, not because people want to but because they can’t afford not to.

I have asked GWR to comment on why they plan to do this but so far I have not had a response. I will update here if I do hear from them. Other ways you can help this cause is to tweet @GWRHelp using #easitDISCOUNT #noeasitDISCOUNTforGWR if you include @easit they will likely retweet your tweet.

Therefore please sign this petition to help us stop GWR from taking this action. We only have till March 2020 to achieve this.