Rework Package Services

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At George Washington University, all packages to be delivered on the Foggy Bottom campus flow to one central location for pickup. However, all first, second, and third-year students are required to live on campus, creating a substantial amount of packages to be processed. The system that is currently in place seems to be inefficient, prompting a few issues:

  • Long wait-times for picking up packages (some students reported waiting more than 60 minutes in a line that stretches out the door)
  • Substantial delays between packages being delivered and being ready for pickup (up to a 3 - 5 day delay period)

Some time ago, there had been kiosks around campus for students to request their package be pulled ahead of time, allowing them to bypass the line and pick up as soon as they arrive at Package Services. But, these campus kiosks have either gone out of service or been removed from their locations, forcing all package recipients to go to the Package Services location on F Street, causing an overload to the system.

We ask that the process for picking up packages be reworked in the following ways to reduce wait times and inefficiency and to alleviate the staff workers who process packages on campus:

  • Bring back and repair campus kiosk locations to allow for packages to be pulled ahead of time
  • Increase staff at Package Services to work through peak pickup times more efficiently
  • Potentially expand the Package Services operation to an additional location to prevent overload at the F Street location

The current system does not work and causes many important deliveries (textbooks, class materials, etc.) to arrive much later than anticipated. We thank you for your attention and appreciate your consideration with regard to fixing this issue.

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