Help us start a professional paintball training facility and youth league in Vancouver!

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Paintball in Vancouver has seen a loss of quality fields in the last 5 years due to land development. This has resulted in a loss of participation, specifically in the younger demographic who may not have the means to travel long distances to the remaining fields. Additionally, the rising cost of equipment has further pushed competitive paintball out of the range of financial possibility for a youth audience. We want to change that. 

The VPBA's goal is to build a not-for-profit professional-quality paintball field and training facility in the GVRD. With this, we will also be developing a youth paintball league with a goal to remove the economic barrier that many parents and children face when trying to get involved in the sport. 

Please sign this petition and help up show a need from the community. This will help up us gain backing from political bodies and sponsors that are needed to make this possible.