Install traffic lights

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I request consideration for a change to the current roundabout at the intersection of Sackville street, Bartley Street and St. John’s road Canley Vale.

This roundabout should be replaced with a set of traffic lights due to the extreme danger of accidents on a daily basis.

the local school sees numerous children trying to cross in the roundabout, elderly pedestrians trying to await the break in traffic to cross from the traffic islands frequently running through moving traffic.

The poor design and markings of the roundabout make it extremely dangerous with traffic from Bartley Street ignoring the give way to roundabout sign, driving into the left of the roundabout whilst cars coming from sackville are in the roundabout. 

Numerous accidents with residents driveways located directly on the roundabout have caused collision with drivers exiting the roundabout. Low viability and having to brake hard for residents existing or entering their unit.

after a serious injury from a driver believing it was two lanes in the roundabout hitting my car this is a very dangerous roadway and traffic lights with pedestrian crossings would be a far safer intersection.