CHANEL, Inc. must sever all ties with and terminate Karl Lagerfeld

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Following the release of vitriolic, sexist remarks made by Karl Lagerfeld championing sexual abuse and abusers, we call upon CHANEL President, Guy Shreiber, Executive VP of Fragrance and Beauty Division, Christine Dagousset and Senior Vice President of Public Relations, Rebekah Hirsch to sever all ties with, and terminate immediately Mr. Lagerfeld.

Quoting W Magazine's translation of Mr. Lagerfeld's interview with Numéro -

"When asked about his thoughts on the movement #BalanceTonPorc—aka #OutYourPig, or the French version of #MeToo—Lagerfeld responds by saying he's had enough of it. (And pointing out that, haha, he does not eat pork.) To him, it's more shocking that it's taken all these starlettes 20 years to remember being assaulted or harassed. Lagerfeld is definitely inaccurate on that point, but he does manage to at least agree with something that the entire world agrees on: hating Harvey Weinstein.

...Then, Lagerfeld goes on to say that neither movement has remotely affected how he operates his workplaces, and that something he'd read about how one must ask models if they were comfortable when posing is akin to opening the doors for creators to stop being able to do anything anymore. As an example, he brings up "poor" Karl Templer, whom three models accused of sexual harassment in February, and who was until yesterday Interview's creative director. Lagerfeld, of course, doesn't believe a word of the accusations, and is outraged that a girl complaining that he'd pulled down her pants would excommunicate him from the profession in which he's so venerated. Opening things up to the industry at large, he continues: "Si vous ne voulez pas qu’on vous tire sur la culotte, ne devenez pas mannequin !", or, "If you don’t want your pants pulled about, don’t become a model!" (He follows this up by adding you'd be better off joining a convent.)"

These comments are outrageous, hateful, sexist and the sign of a time when the status of fashion icon is rendered irrelevant. These comments paint a man who has no respect at all for the women he designs for, and his comments are detrimental to the collective mind, as well as blasphemous to a fashion empire he did NOT build. Therefore, CHANEL, Inc. must terminate said relationship or face massive boycotting.




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