To show support for Daniel Lipzith to be able to have surgery for a Spinal Cord Stimulator

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Thanks You! for taking the time to read and sign this petition. My name is Michelle Melia, I have put this petition together to try help my son Daniel (Danny) Lipzith get the surgery he needs, and has been told he can have for the past 18months. Currently my son Danny suffers from a long term Chronic Pain Condition which started after an emergency operation he had in April of 2009. The Doctors believe that he has a condition know as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. CRPS "is characterised by severe pain out of proportion to the original injury and is often accompanied by sensitivity, swelling, and changes in the skin." Because of this surgery my son has been left in constant pain for the past 8/9years, and until this day it has never gone away since. 

Since the surgery in 2009, Daniel has had to take strong pain medications such as Morphine, Fentanyl, Gabapentin, Tramadol, and more to control his pain, and he has had to do this everyday since his pain started, without getting any breaks. Despite taking all these strong pain medications they never got rid of the pain, and barely took the edge off of it. So as well as these medications he has also had to have a number of surgeries to try help and reduce his pain, which has had some limited success. Now his only option left to help reduce his pain is to have this surgery called a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) which will help reduce his pain, and allow him to reduce, come off of some, most or all of his pain medications. But he can only do this if he has his surgery.

Over the past 18+months ago Danny has been told that if he reduces his pain medications to a level given by his Pain Management Specialist, which is 120mg of morphine a day, he would be able to have his operation to get his SCS, so on the advice of his Doctor and on the understanding that he would get his operation, Daniel started to reduce his medication, despite causing his pain to increase. They even booked him in for the surgery on the 21st July 2017.

Since being told that he could have his surgery, but he would have to reduce his morphine based medication, Danny has been working hard to reduce his Morphine usage from 400mg a day to 120mg. Just to put this into perspective, the average cancer patient using morphine, usually takes between 15-30mg a day to help reduce their pain.  Now that Daniel has reached his daily target agreed with him by his Pain Specialist, and has been told for the past 18months. Out of the blue, his doctors have told him they won't do his surgery, and have now despite agreeing to do his surgery, booking a date for surgery and having a care plan in place for the past 18months they have said he has to come off the Morphine completely.

To Danny, this surgery is his only option to help reduce his pain, but also allow him to get some normality back in his life. Since he started reducing his Morphine, his pain has increased, his mobility and ability to get out of the house has reduced, and as you can image his mood isn't brilliant. I as his mum, does nothing but worry about him. If I could, I would take his pain, but I can't, the best I can do is try help him get his surgery he needs.

As you can image, as a parent, having to see my son in chronic pain every single day, and not being able to help him, make it better for him, or take it away from him is difficult. I may not be able to help take his pain away, but I can make sure I do all i can to help him get his surgery. 

So on behalf of myself, and especially Danny, I would like to Thank You for taking the time to read and if possible, sign this petition. Myself and especially Daniel really appreciates it. Sorry for this being so long, but as you can understand, this is everything to Danny, so if you feel you are able to sign it, then please do. It will make a huge difference. If you have any questions regarding this, then please feel free to contact either myself or Danny. 

Thanks again, and Have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Michelle and Danny