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Cast Faisal Tayyab as the Aladdin for the Live-Action movie

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 'And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.'

They say no big dream is too big, and that anything is possible if you believe in it. And when I heard that the upcoming movie Aladdin has yet to begin production because of an incomplete cast, those words rang just a bit more truer.

You see, I've always had a great love for Aladdin, and perhaps it began with noticing how similar I was to him. I could relate to his need to prove himself, his struggle to find his footing in a world ruled by the elite as a commoner, but most of all, his ability to stay optimistic and joyful despite the hardships. When the genie appeared before him, he wasn't afraid to take his chances. And I'm not either.

To think that my background and looks would fulfill the criteria spoken of for the role of Aladdin really brings hope to me and the people around me, that there is a place for our skins and ethinicities amongst the big names as well. Diversifying the cast, and allowing a story to stay true to it's heritage is not only an honest thing to do, but also an important step in breaking down stigmas attached to certain groups. Portraying such a significant role of representing the subcontinent would hence be a great honour that I would like to try for.

As such, I reach out to Mr. Guy Ritchie, to provide me the chance. I wish not for my desires to be fulfilled magically, like Aladdin's were, for I am more than willing to work hard for it. All I ask for is a magical moment for a guy all the way from Pakistan, a moment only you can provide.

My name is Faisal Tayyab, and I just might be the Aladdin you're looking for.

You can find me on facebook at

Thank you.

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