Pensioners entitled to living state pension.

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If working people are entitled to a living wage, then pensioners are equally entitled to a living pension. People who have paid into the state pension scheme their entire working lives, should be entitled to a pension that doesn’t assume they die at the age of 70. Countless governments regardless of whether Tory’s or Labour, have never properly invested the payments made by both employee or employer. Every time the chancellor makes budget decisions they are based on who can shout the loudest, and we all know that the state pension is a contentious issue as are all so called “state benefits”. However; I feel that pensioners deserve respect, and should not have to face the ordeal of means testing for the supplementary benefits.

Its time that the state pension was treated as a right not a benefit, bestowed citizens out of the governments beneficence. The people claiming it have worked their entire lives, and paid for it to be given them upon their retirement. We have come to expect corporations and multinationals to renage upon pensions, but we should be expecting more from a sovereign government not to cheat us. 

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