Make drug companies make insulin more affordable.

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A message from Tyler

Have you ever had to depend on something to live and not know if you will be able to afford it, and then end up in the hospital because you can’t afford the medicine. Well I do I live on insulin. What’s insulin you may ask well I have TYPE 1 Diabetes it means that I don’t Produce ANY insulin what so ever not even a drop or a size of a hormone will come out of my pancreas so I either inject myself or my Pump/Electric pancreas does it for me.
We need to make insulin more affordable. For example, one vial of insulin is about 600 dollars I use three of them a month. If my mom or my step dad lost their job and then lost our insurance my life would depend on them finding out how to get me insurance or coming up with the money for my insulin.
That’s a problem because the drug companies want you to think that insulin is Expensive now but it shouldn’t be the price for a vial of human insulin is between $2.28 and $3.42 for the drug companies to make. that means that the drug companies are marking up the insulin too much. so my goal is to march on Washington. By doing that with my fellow diabetics is to make it known that we will not back down to the drug companies. With the JDRF we will work with the law makers to make a bill that the drug companies cannot profit off of us. In conclusions it is our job to make sure that change is possible, working with others it is possible. It is time that drug companies are fair.