Petition seeking a waiver of the semester fee in light of the COVID pandemic.

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Payment of semester fees which stands due should be waived off or partial payment of fees shall be issued in as much as the parents of university students are in no financial as well as mental state to provide high tuition fees for the upcoming semester because of the heavy losses and zero income in every employment sector and industry from past two months.

Our parents have paid our semester fees for this even semester. Now, due to these unfortunate circumstances, we have to stay at or home. For this reason, the amenities and facilities that are to be provided by the college to the students are not fulfilled due to this crisis that we all are facing.

Our college fee includes hostel fees, examination fees, lab fees, tuition fees, etc. Now since we are at home not availing any of these facilities, it would be pretty fair if our fees are refunded or at the very least, be cut from the next odd semester, at least by 50% but instead a notice has been issued dated 01.06.2020 in which us students have been asked to pay the full fee, including the hostel fee!

It would be pointless to pay the total semester fees for the next semester, as we didn't even complete this semester, maybe just 10 weeks of classes were attended, and then the lockdown was declared. During these times, most of the family's financial condition is not so good to pay again, for the oncoming semester, as the college fees amount is huge, that too, after a crisis like this.

So, we are requesting the administration to reconsider its decision with our problem in mind and act accordingly.

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