GST in GGSIPU (State University) 6th semester Syllabus, for the session (2015-2018)

GST in GGSIPU (State University) 6th semester Syllabus, for the session (2015-2018)

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This is to inform you all that I have been telling/demanding Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, to bring a change in our Bcom Hons Syllabus, 6 th semester, by sending them mail.

Actually, the issue of concern is that we (6th semester students) are going to/forced to study old Indirect Tax (Service Tax, VAT, CST) instead of new Indirect Tax (GST). As a citizen of India, don't we have the right to study about GST? Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has indeed brought a change in syllabus, i.e. Old Syllabus to GST. But that's only for 1st year and 2nd year. What about us, the 3rd Year Students?

We are paying such huge amount as our fees but we aren't getting proper education from GGSIPU? Dear all, the Indian Education system is lagging behind because we don't have access to updated curriculum.

Today, I had called an Academic Counsellor of GGSIPU, NEW DELHI. They told me that change cannot happen because the students who have back, and are our seniors, don't know anything about GST. I mean this can't be any reason to stop GST from being applied for 3rd year students.

Delhi University brought this change in GST for 3rd year students, but Guru Gobind Singh University isn't doing anything.

The future of GGSIPU students is on stake as they don't have any knowledge regarding GST. They have paid huge amounts as a fee, and aren't getting proper education.

The only solution GGSIPU can adopt for this problem is-

1)Carry on with the old syllabus for students who have failed and have back.

2) Issue a circular regarding the change in syllabus for current batch students i.e of session 2015-2018. 

3) All Affiliated institutes must be notified about the change and quick action should be taken.

I am a student of one of the affiliated college of GGSIPU. I have been sending mails to GGSIPU and State Government since September 2017, but my request was just delayed. No one took it seriously. But now it's high time for the government to bring this change and help the youth in understanding the Taxation system of India, as we are the future of India. Ministers talk about the Youth of India, but aren't doing anything for them. 

No matter whether you're pursuing Bcom Honours or some other course, sign this petition, to improve the education system in India. So that we all get to read upgraded course.