Basic needs to live-Roads & Electricity at New Palm Sec-109 Gurgaon-BRISK LUMBINI SOCIETY

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We are writing this on behalf of everyone residing in Brisk Lumbini Society , Lumbini Terrace Homes , New Palam Vihar, Sec-109, Gurugram -122017 informing about the condition becoming bad to worse with days, of roads and infrastructure here. We have no issues staying in the society because team Brisk Lumbini Builder  has ensured to provide the basic amenities inside the apartment but it failed to do so we do not have permanent electricity and water as on date , as soon as we move out, all We see is potholes, sewage water, garbage, broken roads, and anything and everything that makes me furious and feel insulted and ashamed to have paid taxes every year and stand out to give vote to the govt I felt would do justice to us as citizen of India. I truly believe that Govt is moving on the positive and creative front but not sure if their hands are reaching on the ground level. I am sure Govt is making efforts for clean and green India but then cannot trust if the team in Sec-109 is actually following the vision of haryana govt and our honorable PM.

For the detailed version on the condition here that we face everyday while going to office, there are three railway crossings- Choma, Bajghera and Sarai Allwardi. Bajghera crossing is closed permanently due to construction of flyover, and we are left with Choma and Sarai to commute to our office location. This decision of closing Bajghera Crossing permanently had been a pain since the day it was taken as entire traffic including school buses, truck, big lorries, cranes are using the narrow lanes of Choma and Sarai to commute and cross Railway crossing. Surely, we had no option other than to accept the decision with a hope that project of flyover should progress with a great pace. But this project seems to be never ending and all we face is miles of traffic jam converting our 6kms of distance to Sec-21 to be covered in more than 1 hour. This is a daily process and now we are getting used to it. More than 2 hrs are wasted in transit to cover hardly 12-14 kms We understand that there can be infinite reasons for delay in constructing flyover, but why the govt is not focusing on constructing/repairing roads. And it becomes worse in rain, because in even less rain, our area can be declared as flood affected area. We have started calling this area as "Island" because in emergency situations, we feel helpless.

My question is WHY? Why we are facing these problems when majority of us staying here are paying taxes, there has been no delay and taxes are paid before due date. Why Sir we are facing these problems when we had built trust in the Govt and stood long hours to vote. We accept all the major decisions enforced by you affecting our financial stability but still stand with a rare hope that one day the govt will show us "New India". Its sad to see such infrastructure of roads with builders such as ATS, Mahindra, Puri, Shobha around.

We want Chief Minister Haryana to visit Sec-109  personally and see if there is any scope of improvement. We find it insulting that development is only made in all the area near DLF, golf course road, and everything else, is just untouched. Sir, this is to let you know, that Gurugram also has areas - Old gurgaon and New Palam vihar which definitely need govt attention.

Sir, its our humble request if you plan a short visit and see the conditions yourself. We are sure your one visit can make things much better here. I don't know what elected people in this area are doing, but one thing is clear, they are not doing anything for us. I tried to bring your attention to my concern through a post on twitter, but it wasn't answered.

Please stop shaming us in front of our friend and relatives who have stopped visiting us as they feel this is the most insecure and under developed area in Gurugram. Please dont wait for a mishappening or a major accident to bring your attention.

We are written hoping it reaches to right person in right state of mind. I apologies if there is anything I said in anger, because its tough to stay calm with the situation here. Sir, this area requires an immediate attention, rest is your call.

Warm Regards

Lumbini Residents 

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Owners & Residents of Lumbini Terrace Homes Sector 109, Gurgaon-122017
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