Gun Violence Awareness in South Brooklyn

Gun Violence Awareness in South Brooklyn

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Justice For Akram Grine started this petition to District 43

The community of South Brooklyn is outraged due to the tragic loss of their neighbor, Akram Grine who was fatally shot a month ago on December 9th, 2018 approximately at 6:30 pm by his Bath Beach home. Grine was murdered by an illegal weapon. Akram's death left so many broken hearts, profound shock, and burden within the community and to his family. This petition is to express the community’s concern against gun violence that lurks in the South Brooklyn Neighborhoods. We need to collect as many signatures as possible so we can MOBILIZE and cause awareness to present to Councilman Justin Brannan who represents District 43.

Councilman Justin Brannan recognizes the incident of Akram’s death as well supports awareness aganist gun violence. 

More Information on Akram Grine:

Akram was an only child.
He played soccer when he was younger and continued to play professionally. Akram had to stop when he came to America and attended School but eventually had to drop out when his mother was not able to work, and she had to return to Algeria. Akram struggled to find housing, and for a while he was homeless, Akram sometimes had no access to food. Akram lived by himself in the United States with no family since he was 17 years. Akram always provided for his mother and his fiance despite his financial situation. Akram had a love for animals and took care of his beloved cat.

Akram wanted to work on his music professionally but couldn't afford it so he would record at home with a computer and use a 20 dollar microphone. Akram was selfless and always giving, he only wanted to make his mother proud of him. Akram was fascinated by the solar system and watched documentaries on galaxies and mathematics. Akram wanted to study Political Science and was interested about politics. Akram matured into an honest and independent young man. He managed his entire life by himself and did not depend on anyone.
Before his death, Akram was focusing on his music. He wanted to travel and make his videos based on nature. Akram did not want to use the typical rap style. Akram was a real artist he wrote his music from his heart, and he loved the entire process of music. Akram was brilliant in many ways.

Akram was always dedicated his values on helping others. Akram was with his high school sweetheart of five years, he always protected and took care of her. They were engaged and was planning their marriage for the Summer of 2019.

He had big plans, and this year they were supposed to come true.

Your signatures are essential to us. Just taking a couple of minutes of your time can help Akram receive his awareness and justice that he deserves.

Thank you.
Akram's Family.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!