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Make Friday the 13 The Game Great Again!

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If you are reading this you play or have played Friday the 13th The Game. For those of you not aware there was an update on the game on August 28, 2017. This update included patches within the game along with new "Code of Conduct" rules. Unfortunately, for many players, the update was a complete rebuke. Friendly fire or (team killing) was disabled from public lobbies in the game. Now, this is certainly a controversial issue in which some players are glad team killing was removed and some players are not happy it was removed. I am personally a player that was not thrilled to see friendly fire removed. I was quite upset along with many other players in which I can vouch agree with me. 

Below I will include some of the reasons of why we the players disapprove of team killing being removed and recommend it is re-established. 

  • Team killing on Friday the 13th The Game was supposed to be part of the game, it was there since the start and even developers mentioned they would not "ban" players for team killing!
  • The logic, weapons do no damage to a counselor but can stun Jason!
  • The game was not meant for kids, team killing is not disabled in games like Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Players should not be upset for team killing if it was inevitable since release date. 
  • I heard from some non-team killers ("griefer" or "trolls") that they would rather have it on rather than off due to various reasons. For instance, killing a player who is working with Jason. 
  • A big issue now that arose from team killing being disabled is now these "griefers" or "trolls" can hold parts thought the game without contributing to the game and they can also trap other players in places or rooms without windows. 
  • If the friendly fire feature was removed for the reason being of players abusing it, I can honestly tell you I personally saw more cases of players working with Jason rather than abusive team killers. 

We the players are upset and I really hope you the developers notice this and understand. To be fair on the few who may oppose our belief we leave you with two recommendations we hope you can consider including if you decide you will not re-establish team killing. 

  1. Team killers could have a team kill limit like on Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Example: Two team kills per game or else they will be removed from the lobby.
  2. Friendly fire option on/off feature decided at the beginning of the game by the host in each lobby. 

This message is intended for Friday the 13th The Game developers and/or players who agree partially or fully to what has been stated above and will sign my petition.

Thank you! 

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