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Gun Control in honor of the Newtown Victims


We, the citizens of the United States, concerned parents, and gun-control enthusiasts, support the effort to draw up and enact more legislation on restricting guns in light of recent mass gun shootings.

The main goal of this petition is to urge both houses of Congress to enact legislation that limits the number of guns, and who can obtain them. Congress must realize that the when the second amendment was written with the Bill of Rights in the 18th century,there were no semi automatic assault rifles or handguns. Guns of the period had were muskets that fired one bullet a minute. The purpose of the second amendment has been surpassed by technology. Urge Congress to pass laws that are up to date with our time and to bring them up to code with the original intention of the second amendment.

We urge you to sign this petition in support of limiting gun sales of assault rifles and other unnecessary military guns to the public along with enacting legislation for further gun controls throughout the United States. Sign this petition for the 20 innocent children and 6 adults that died in the recent Newtown, Connecticut shootings, and for the Aurora, Colorado tragedy.

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