stricter gun control laws in the US

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The United States by far has the most gun-related deaths per year compared to other high-income countries. In Europe, all automatic weapons are banned as well as many semi-automatic weapons that are available for commercial purchase in the US. In Japan, prospective gun owners must take multiple courses on gun safety, apply for permits, pass a police interview, get a doctor's note stating that they are mentally fit, and have police inspect their gun locker before they are able to buy a gun. In the US, all that's needed is a background checks that simply makes sure you have no prior convictions. Japan rarely sees 10 gun deaths per year, whereas in the United States the number averages in the 10,000's. This petition serves to bring attention to the lack of gun control laws in the United States compared to other countries. Many people are aware that guns are a problem in the United States, but are unaware to how big the issue actually is.