Pressure Gumtree Not To Advertise Pets Under The Freebies Category

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Great result so far but more is needed

Thanks everyone so much for your support. I am delighted that over 300 people share the same concern as me about encouraging impromptu pet purchasing even if that pet is free. Let's make this a reality and have no pets advertised under the "Freebies" category. I have approached several animals rights groups in Australia to promote this petition but so far I have not been successful in getting the word out other than from my group of Facebook friends and directly. If anyone knows anyone who can share this to the masses please get in touch or approach that group directly. Let's get this easy but significant change under way so we can concentrate on bigger issues. It is irresponsible of Gumtree so let's make this very clear to them. Please share this and get as many signatures as you can. Thanks again for all your support, it is much appreciated.

Evan Athea
5 years ago