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Gumtree + all papers that put dogs + cats 'Free to a good Home': stop advertising free animals

so many people are using these ads to get dogs + cats to use for bait for their fighting dogs, come over as so wanting to give the animal a loving home, but sick + evil intentions once they have their filthy hands on them....They will always find a way to get what they want, but why make it so easy for them...just look on my Time Line, see the 2 women going to any lengths to get bait for their husbands/ Parteners fighting dogs,even their car reg. in full surely they can be traced by this, working in the East of England, Norfolk/Cambs. etc, read also the DOG FIGHTERS piece, that was printed in a book....

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  • animal wefare
    Gumtree + all papers that advertise 'FREE DOGS + CATS TO GOOD HOME'S'

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