Justice for the PIA 8303 victims

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PIA is Pakistan’s largest airline operating with over 30 aircrafts. They are responsible for the safety of thousands of people weekly. Pakistan Airbus A320 PK 8303 crashed after its engines failed with over 97 fatalities on 22nd May 2020.

Over a week has passed and yet many families have not even received the bodies of the deceased. This is not the first plane crash that has happened in a Pakistan airline. This is a common occurrence with the last plane crash happening in 2016. International well known airlines such as Emirates operate with over 3600 flights and yet there is no safety issue on their account.

we call for a thorough investigation and for someone to be held responsible. The person who is held responsible has to be fairly judged and punished according to their actions. We want the directors of hospitals to actively help with DNA tests and handover the bodies as soon as possible to the families. We call for financial assistance to those families who lost their breadwinners. Other than this we need someone to be punished harshly as an example for future flight operators so that this may never happen again. Help us in stopping this from becoming a normal occurrence in our country!