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A 17yr Baltimore boy arrested in 1984 sentenced to a max 25 yrs is still there 33yr later

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In 1984 Duane Leach (Montese)  was merely a few months of his 18 birthday when he found himself faced with an event that would change his life forever. Duane was thousands of miles from home in the company of much older men. The activities that would have been described less than honorable had taking place during this time. Duane made several attempts to disassociate himself with the activities of the older guys however, was threatened that harm would be bought to his family if he chose to leave. Some unfortunate occurrences took place and a few lives were lost. Admidily Duane had a gun in his position, along with several others although Duane’s gun was not the gun that matched the casings found near the dead bodies. Upon the other suspects own statement Duane was not the individual who shot and killed anyone that lost their lives. In fact the person who did admit to the killing of those individuals received a better sentence because  he was older, had private legal council and the support of his mother. Duane did not have any parental involvement or support and was issued a public defender. Duane’s codefendent has been released for serveral years and has admitted so some inaccuracies regarding Duane’s arrest and involvement  . It has now been 33 yrs in which Duane has been incarcerated in Florida state prison system. He has not been in any trouble for the past several years and has met his required sentence of 25 years. Back in 1990 or so Duane had an altercation with a correctional officer and was charged with that offense. Each time Duane goes for parole this 28 yr old incident still arrises . Duane has participated in several programs and has acquired several trades. He has a 33 year old daughter and two grand children of which he has never meant. The goal is to have this case reveiwed with the intentions of releasing Mr. Leach . He has family, love and support waiting on him. He has remained very close with his family over the years, one of the hardest task is the distance between Maryland and Florida. This type of hardship has caused visits to be less frequent. I am Looking to see support for the release of Duane Leach. 

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