Mass Promote/Postpone LLB Exams of Gujarat University (June 2021)


Mass Promote/Postpone LLB Exams of Gujarat University (June 2021)

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Alok Patel started this petition to gujarat university and

Hello All,

This is regarding our exam, which is about to be commencing from next week.

Seeing the current situation and the pandemic era, it's a common sense that our exams should be postponed to a later month or so if mass promotion is not accepted by the Gujarat University.

Hon'ble PM has declared that 12th Board Exams will be cancelled and will be allotted general promotion, just like all other exams.

It's evident that our Exams should be cancelled or at very best it should be postponed to later months.

For this, we need to file PIL in the High Court of Gujarat regarding the same.

Let me know your concern on this and what you think. Filing a PIL is for the greater good for all the students who have been affected in this situation and safety should also be a priority for us.

Gujarat University has taken insensitive steps which is inhumane in nature and PIL is necessary for us.

Further, Petition has already filed by 5 year course students in High Court vide R/SCA/7749/2021, which is about to be heard on 07/06/2021.

We have consulted the same advocate to adjoin us in the mentioned petition as a 3 year course students.

Do note that, this is a goodwill gesture and there's no fees or anything for the same. We only need support from you people by providing us your concern to list your names with us as petitioners.

Pls note that, this is not for your own individual concern but for the greater good of the society, many people have been affected in the covid crisis and for them exams should be the least concern possible.

Instead of criticism, it's better to plan action.

Awaiting your thoughts on this...

Thanks & Regards


This petition made change with 29 supporters!

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