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Have stricter rules for vacation clubs (country club) to stop them from duping people

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More and more holiday and vacation clubs are coming up these days and my experience related specifically to Country Club. We were called by their sales department saying that we have won this opportunity from a draw or something and then they explained about various memberships. They promised that we don't have to pay any maintenance fee, and that we will get an interest free EMI if we paid by a specific card. They promised that there is no additional fee in booking accommodations of country club all over India and also overseas. When we showed our incapability to pay a huge amount they told us about another plan of only INR 48000 and we can pay interest free EMIs. They also confirmed that we can avail all their facilities all for free including swimming pools water parks etc. and will get discount in restaurants. None of this is true except discount in restaurants. When we tried to contact their customer care they said we have signed membership form, whereas the form was really simple and contained no terms and conditions. Now we are constantly receiving calls from them to pay a maintenance fee of more than 8000 for one year. Whenever we go to their water park we have to pay an additional fee to use it. They don't send us any event notifications or updates as they promised. And the biggest they told us was that if we don't like this membership we can sell it back to them for a lower price. But there is no such provision, they tell us that we have to find someone who can buy our membership and they will only help in transferring and on top they will charge a fee for transfer. Now I cannot go and dupe someone else just to save myself. After we had paid the sales person showed no interest at all in even talking to us. One of the times, he told me on call that he is admitted to hospital and cannot talk and then I saw him sitting at a tea stall, this was the limit. There should more stricter rules for these people so they cannot dupe us of our hard earned money. This clubs lure middle class people like us by making all fake promises and then they don't show any interest. I strongly feel that these clubs should be closed or should come under strict rules so they can't dupe people of their hard earned money. I know this is not one of the biggest issues but I am sure that many of use would have fallen prey to this dubious scheme.

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