Gujarat Government Should Give Merit-based Promotion to All PG And Last Year Students

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In the midst of COVID-19 Pandemic, attacking the world, the situation has become critical, leading to a lockdown of more than 2 Months as announced by our Hon'ble Prime Minister.

I, as a responsible student, want to put light on the situation in the broader aspects and would like to put forth my viewpoint

(1) Several colleges fall under Gujrat State Universities and students belonging to these colleges have come from cities all across Gujarat. They have departed to their native states amidst the outbreak without carrying their study material or luggage...

We know that the University offers that students can give the exam from there residence cities also but what happens if the student lives in one corner of cities and College is at another Corner of cities. As we know Public transport is not started properly. Even many students' books and study materials are at a hostel or place where they were lived. You Asked that you can read online but we can't find any useful/proper study materials online. For example, local publication and native language paper solutions are nearly impossible to get online of which all the students are habitual. This is one of the reasons, why We Demand merit-based promotion.

(2) A University, where a considerable number of students reside in rural areas plenty of them come from a low-income family, don't have access to high-speed internet or a laptop, which nullifies the possibilities of an online examination if it has been proposed. Previously, GTU tried for online mock test and struggled to achieve satisfactory results. So, an online exam must not be a solution. Considering such a fact, We Demand merit-based promotion.

(3) Due to Covid-19, the institutes are nearly non-functional since the 16th March 2020, only a few colleges had conducted the mid-semester exams before the lockdown. Besides that, many institutes have covered approx. 50% syllabus only. If the exam happens, almost half the paper will be out of the contest or covered syllabus. That's Why We Demand merit-based promotion.

(4) As mentioned above due to lack of internet facilities, students face a lot of difficulties in self-study through the medium of online classrooms or educational videos. They are suffering from financial and mental crisis due to Covid-19. In this situation, this is not the best time to test the student’s skills. That's Why We Demand merit-based promotion.

(5) We are not afraid for the Examination. We already have given so many examinations; we are just afraid of today's Situation. University claimed to arrange Exams in Social Distance; But, have you ever seen the situation last moments of the examination? It’s like Group of Students read from One book before the examination. As same as sheep grassing in fields. Can faculty handle such a massive number of students and groups? Every student is not mature enough to maintain social distance. Even if he is mature enough, due to the pressure of the exam he might forget the basics like social distance. That's Why We Demand merit-based promotion.

(6) Maharashtra Government, Orrisa Government, Chhattisgarh Government, and even Many University has already announced Merit-based promotion to Students. Why does the Gujarat Government refuse to give promotion to students? We Want Merit-Based Promotion, not Mass Promotion

(7) Many students have applied for Higher Education in Foreign Countries. So, late the examination will lead them to a mysterious trap. That’s Why We Demand merit-based promotion.

(8) If University did not cancel the exam then who is responsible for Student’s health? Can the Government give promise in writing for all the student’s health and safety? If the answer is yes, we can go for the Examination.

Hope, you can feel the fear of our heart and understand the situation of students. We are eagerly waiting for some positive steps and feedback from your side.

Thanking you