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Stop the wastage of food!

A La Tomatina festival is being organized in Ahmedabad on 25th September at Splash Water Park, Sanand where people are invited to hurl and throw tomatoes at each other and more than 65,000 Kgs of tomatoes are expected to be used. In a nation like ours where millions go hungry every night, wasting food in such a manner for the fun of few rich youngsters who could shell out 1000 Rs for a pass is not justified.

It is indeed a shame to be wasting money and food in this manner by being inspired by some Bollywood movie! Rather use it to feed thousands of poor people staying across Ahmedabad.

We have a week left, let's invite everyone to sign this petition and stop this from happening in Ahmedabad! Let's have as many Signatures as we can!

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  • Gujarat CM Narendra Modi: Ban La Tomatina festival in Ahmedabad!

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