Support the name of Karnavati - Change name of Ahmedabad

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Karnavati establish by prince karna. They were dynasty of chalukya  In the eleventh century, Karna of Chaulukya dynasty ruling from Anhilwad Patan (1072-1094) made the town his capital, adorned it with two temples, one to Kochrab, the site still known, and the other to Jayanti Devi, and named it Karnavati (Karna's town). When Chaulukya rule weakened in the second half of the 13th century, Vaghela dynasty rose to power in Gujarat in 1243. They formed short but stable rule in the region which ended in 1297. 

In 1297, Gujarat was conquered by Allauddin Khilji, the ruler of the principal state in north India at the time, the Delhi Sultanate. His army destroyed the temples and domes of town. Succeeding Delhi Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq halted in the town during his suppression of the Gujarat mutiny (1347).

Zafar Khan Muzaffar (later Muzaffar Shah I) of Muzaffarid dynasty was appointed as governor of Gujarat by Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad bin Tughluq IV in 1391.[2] Zafar Khan's father Sadharan, was a Tanka Rajput convert to Islam, adopted the name Wajih-ul-Mulk, and had given his sister in marriage to Firuz Shah Tughlaq. Zafar Khan defeated Farhat-ul-Mulk near Anhilwad Patan and made the city his capital. When the Sultanate was weakened by the sacking of Delhi by Timur in 1398, and Zafar Khan took the opportunity to establish himself as sultan of an independent Gujarat. He declared himself independent in 1407 and founded the Gujarat Sultanate.

The next sultan, his grandson Ahmed Shah Rename Karnavati to Ahmedabad on 4th March, 1411. 

So My Request to all people belongs to Karnavati or citizen of Karnavati understand the history and support me to get back our city name Karnavati.