Netflix, finance Hellboy III for Guillermo del Toro!

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A Hellboy Reboot was announced. This is NOT what fans want. Guillermo is the only person that should Direct a Hellboy film and Ron Perlman is the only man that should star as Hellboy. The Reboot (Rise of the Blood Queen) came and went earlier this year and, not exactly surprisingly (I had high hopes when I found out Neil Marshall was directing and David Harbour and Ian McShane were starring, but I tucked in my collar when I found out Millennium Films was financing and Milla Jovovich was co-starring) it was PANNED and BOMBED. An R-rating and faithfulness to the source material do NOT equal a good movie. 

Then I started thinking. John Carpenter's Halloween was remade by Rob Zombie in 2007 with a sequel in 2009. However, that didn't prevent Blumhouse from producing Halloween in 2018 (despite its title being the same as the original, it's actually a direct sequel to the original). And even before that. Millennium Films financed another shitty remake: Conan The Barbarian (which Perlman himself ironically co-starred in) in 2010 and Jason Momoa (pre-Game of Thrones fame) is NO Arnold Schwarzenegger. But Universal (the studio behind Hellboy II: The Golden Army) sometime after the remake flopped, planned a direct sequel to the original titled The Legend of Conan with Arnold returning (though it hasn't been made yet). My point is: Remakes/reboots can't prevent sequels to the originals. So, Del Toro's Hellboy III could still potentially be made. 

I know Del Toro announced via Twitter, "Must report that 100% Hellboy 3 will not happen." But he's established a good business thing with Netflix while working on DreamWorks' Trollhunters and his upcoming Pinocchio. Hellboy III would attract subscribers and guarantee a lot of viewers. And Netflix has been known for financing a lot of ambitious big-budget movies: Bright, Mowgli, and The Irishman

Netflix, we ask with the most respect. Save Hellboy III and maybe At The Mountains of Madness from being more than just one of Del Toro's on-off-again dream projects.