Give my daughter and her fellow classmates the award that they have worked so hard for.

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My daughter is a student at Southeast High School. She is a graduating senior and a straight A student. She has worked extremely hard all through school. She has over 700 service learning hours, has logged over 300 on Nobelhour and is now being denied her award. She missed one deadline to turn in one piece of paper on March 21, 2014.  She was told on May 12 that she was denied the award by the county office because of this one piece of paper. She was not notified in any way by the county office that she had missed this deadline, even though she had done everything else that was necessary. She has worked very hard for the last four years to accomplish her goals. She and four other students at her school have been denied the award. I don’t know all the details for all the students, but I do know that my daughter is very responsible. She has met every other deadline, turned in all the paperwork, logged the hours on Nobelhour and yet the county office refuses to give her the award that she has worked so hard for. I believe this is totally unfair to her and her fellow classmates. My daugher has been nominated by her teachers and counselors for several scholarships for being a hard working, dedicated student. I am amazed that people who do not know her and will not even look at her school record to see her accomplishments, can deny her this award. Students who do their best and work hard to make an impact in our society should be awarded for their accomplishments, not discouraged for making a mistake. Is there anyone out there who has not made a mistake? No! And I'm sure, just like the rest of us, these people making this decision right now have made their share of mistakes too. Please support all of our hardworking students and sign this petition.  


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