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I was sexually assaulted by a man who worked for Guildford Borough Council. He was found guilty but because his wife is pregnant and could be sent back to Romania he got a suspended sentence. I am fighting this because he showed no remorse and violated me in my own home! He never thought of his wife and children at the time & people are now also calling his wife a victim! This happened in November 2017 so she has chosen to stay with him and have another baby! I never had a choice he decided to do to me what he did so why should he be allowed to walk away? The judge even said it’s what the crime deserves but then went on to say about his wife then suspended the sentence. Is this justice? Does this mean men can sexually assault women and get away with it because their partner is pregnant? This is sickening and I feel utterly let down by the justice system and by Guildford Borough Council who have not acknowledged it since it happened and have not even given me an apology.

I want to try get as many signatures as possible to ensure Dorel Gliger will be put behind bars for his sentence not have it suspended and to show that any man who thinks it’s acceptable to sexually assault or rape a woman or man will NOT get away with it!

I started this petition because…
I am a victim of sexual assault. The man who done this to me was working under a false name for Guildford Borough Council. He was in my home during the time my kitchen and bathroom were being upgraded. He came back after work hours and repeatedly groped me in my own home! I repeatedly said no! He has recently been found guilty. I was so scared to be in my own home after this and police gave me door braces, door hammers, window alarms and a rape alarm to try to make me feel that little bit safer in my home. Although he has been found guilty, his sentence was suspended because of 1 reason, his wife being pregnant! This sexual assault happened to me in November 2017, so it was 15 months before it went to court, In this time she decided to stay with him and try for a baby. Where was my choice when he was groping me, when he was forcing himself upon me in my own home? Why are the courts thinking about her rather then the actual victim? I would really like your help to get as many signatures to take it back to the court to appeal with so he gets put behind bars for his sentence! Other rapists, people that sexual assault will think it is acceptable to do this and that they won’t get punished if their partner is pregnant. This needs to change. I feel so let down by the council and the crown court and want to fight this! This man put me through HELL! Dorel Gliger should be sent down for sentencing not told to go out and continue to work because he is the bread winner for his family! Full story can be found on Surrey Live Page.