Stop Mega Commercial Development at Hiawatha Golf Course - Oppose Rezoning!

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We respectfully petition The Town Board of Guilderland, particularly in light of the vacant Town Planner position, NOT to approve the proposal to rezone the Hiawatha Trails Golf Course for a Planned Unit Development, 254 unit Senior Housing Apartment complex and mixed use office building.

  • We do not oppose the re-zone because we are anti-growth, but because we are supporters of smart planned development.
  • Specifically: The impact of traffic on Route 155 as well as the ancillary traffic burden on the junction of Routes 155 and 20, the congestion at the Farnsworth Middle School, and the egress from Nott Road would be excessive.  It is a risk to the students who walk to school.
  • It represents overdevelopment and continued over-saturation of an area that already has three large apartment complexes together with an increase in EMS and fire services.
  • We are concerned about the environmental impact on the Kill and downstream effect on the town water wells.
  • Small residential development is more appropriate for the parcel if it cannot be maintained as a golf course or other natural area.

We ask the Town Board to represent the voice of the community and vote against the PUD rezone for this proposal.