Stop large scale development in Guilderland until a Town Planner can review these projects

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     There are currently before the Guilderland Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals 3 different proposals in various stages for large-scale development projects in the same area of Guilderland, to be connected by trails and/or roads.  These projects are: (1) Hiawatha Trails; (2) The Glassworks Village; and (3) the Winding Brook PUD. These projects all touch each other and together cover +/- 129 acres of land (green space), 608 units (townhouses, apartments, etc.), carry an average height of 3 floors, and an additional 200,000 square feet of commercial space.  These proposals, if approved, will obviously have a tremendous impact on the infrastructure and character of the Town of Guilderland now and for years to come.
    We feel that for the Boards to continue to consider these projects independent of each other is the equivalent of spot-zoning and ignores the larger picture.  In addition, the loss of 129 acres of green space in the heart of Guilderland is a tremendous loss and is in contravention of the town zoning code mandate of “smart growth”.  We feel that these 3 projects, if approved, will have a combined dramatic and irreversible effect on the Town.  Therefore, in accordance with the principles of good governance, we respectfully urge the Board members to make a commitment on the record not to proceed on any of these projects until such time as the soon- to-be-hired Town Planner can carefully and thoroughly consider the effects of these three projects as a whole on the Town of Guilderland.   In view of what’s at stake here, we see this as a wholly reasonable and prudent request by the residents of Guilderland to our Town representatives.


Guilderland Citizens for Responsible Growth