Keep Killzone 2 and 3 servers for the PS3 online

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I want you guys to keep these games online for at least until the end of 2018. These games some of the best of the PlayStation 3 era, and removing one of the best components of these games hinders new players from experiencing the complete package, not to mention you will take away many people's favorite game online, and pretty much isolate the Killzone community to only Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4. These games mean a lot to not just me, but to the PlayStation community as it was the flagship shooter of the PlayStation franchise (despite not there being a new Killzone in nearly 5 years).

Getting rid of the online affects the community, the new players interested in the game, trophy hunters who mind you are still trying to get Valor Grand Cross on Killzone 2, and PlayStation players who want a great game. Please keep them up for a while longer.