Guelph Action Strategy Against Hate


Guelph Action Strategy Against Hate

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Recent Assault with Islamophobic Utterances Against Two Men of Muslim Faith

Guelph - Our Muslim community is shaken and upset by recent hate-filled hostilities in spaces and places that are supposed to be safe.

On September 23rd, two men were physically and verbally abused while standing in front of their home. They and their families were threatened for simply being Muslim.  This attack follows the recent murder of Mohamed Aslim-Zafis, outside the IMO Mosque in Toronto.   An attack that was without provocation, an attack simply because this caretaker was Muslim.  And over the Thanksgiving weekend, our hearts sank when we learned of explicit death threats sent to another Toronto Mosque.

While we are grateful to the broader community's messages of support, solidarity, and love; we are asking  you to go beyond these important words and gestures.  

Says, Sara Sayyed of the Muslim Society of Guelph, "We cannot let hate win!" We are asking you to speak up and speak out against the consistent stream of vitriol and hate that leaves our community shaken and fearful for our loved ones.

This hate threatens our Black, Jewish, Indigenous, and other communities as well as Muslims. Vandalism, property damage, theft and verbal harassment continue to disrupt our centres and threaten our safety.

Our collective communities form an integral part of this city. Each and everyone of us deserves to feel safe in any part of city but most especially on our own doorsteps.

The Muslim Society of Guelph calls on our government leaders, officials and Guelph Police Services to take stronger action against the rising tide of white supremacy. We need you to send a strong and clear message that they will not be welcome in our community. 

What can you do?

1) Call and email your MP, Mayor and MPP to collectively support and actively work toward a national action strategy on dismantling white supremacist and xenophobic groups in Canada.

2) Guelph Police Services can ensure that these crimes are tracked, labelled and investigated as hate motivated crimes.

We are thankful that we can still say that we live in a welcoming community. We now need a collective effort to keep hate from fraying the edges of this welcome, permeating the peace and safety of home.

Join us! Add your name/ organization to the call to stop hate!


This petition made change with 1,455 supporters!

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