Guelph, stand up for Fair Parking!

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Parking Permit holders have been subjected to monthly rate increases in excess of 45% and in some cases, 140%+ with less than one month's notice. New permit holders are required to pay these new rates.

The amount and lack of time to look for alternatives has affected working families and individuals throughout the downtown by in many cases, in excess of over $500 annually. This is money they no longer have available to spend at downtown businesses. The increase has also affected people's ability to sustain their family lifestyle:

  • putting their kids into sports, music, dance and other activities
  • providing adequate day care
  • the quality of food they feed their families and other healthy choices
  • monthly budgeting of bills and expenses

The impact extends beyond the families as it obviously affects the sustainability to maintain local businesses in the downtown rendering the area as a much less attractive location for potential new entrepreneurial consideration.

A new multi-million dollar parking facility is scheduled to open in November 2019 providing more than 400 additional parking spaces in the downtown. Rates for this new location will also be the second highest monthly rate of any community between Mississauga and London.

The City of Guelph needs to address this excessively unfair practice and to regain the trust and integrity of downtown patrons. If nothing is done, a precedent for other services across the city to experience rate increases of unacceptable proportion is set. Other communities across Ontario may also see this as acceptable if action is not taken to stand up to outrageous means of taxing the public.

  • Consider that rates will continue to increase annually
  • Other services could be subjected to increases similar to this
  • Imagine if your landlord decided to increase your rent by 40% per month or heating, water, sewage services were raised by an comparable amount

Stand with us now to stop this madness!

Please sign our petition, share the link and encourage others to join our cause against unfair municipal government practices.

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